Elite Player Development Program Returns This Weekend
Updated 10/9/2014

The Elite Player Development programis a precursor to the Olympic Development Program (ODP) designed to offer elite male and female youth soccer players aged 10-12 years old additional training to compliment the training they receive within their club. The EPD program offers an opportunity for the Alabama Soccer Association staff to become familiar with and train some of Alabama’s upcoming talent. The emphasis is on individual player development, with specific attention on technical growth.

Friday, October 9th at Trione Park, Daphne
5pm-6:15pm for 9-10 year olds & 6:30pm-8pm for 11-12 year olds
Saturday, October 1oth at University of Mobile  5735 College Parkway, Mobile, AL 36613
10-12 year olds 4:30pm-6pm 
Initial Registration Cost is $50.00 (Includes Training Shirt and Administrative Fees)  Individual EPD Event $10 - $20
Contact(s): Ivy Duggan, Program Coordinator – ivy.w.duggan@gmail.com   Zac Crawford, ASA Technical Director – Zac@alsoccer.org
MBFC U14 Girls brave the cold in Gainesville, Georgia for ODP Sub-regional play
MBFC U14 girls: Hailey Brewer, Virginia Witherington, and Chloe Martin were all bundled up for playing this weekend in Gainesville, GA for the ODP Sub-Regional event.  As you can see, the girls were happy to be playing soccer this weekend. 
Congratulations to ODP Players
Added 12/19/2013
Congratulations to Alex Wichmann, Jacob Moody, Salia Carr (not pictured), and Maria Verde for making their respective ODP pools.
MBFC & Coaching Staff are very proud of these young players.  










ODP Newsletter


2013-2014 ODP Newsletter


ODP 2013-2014-1
ODP Overview

 Purpose: The mission of the Alabama Soccer Association is to identify and train the elite player, providing opportunities for these potential region/national players.

Through the years, clubs have become modern and sophisticated, with year-round programming circulating around player development. The Olympic Development Program acts as a supplement, giving elite players opportunities to play with and against the best, while providing them exposure at the regional, national, and international levels.

ASA State Staff is comprised of coaches at the club, high school, and college levels. All coaches are nationally licensed, and are committed to enhance the development of each player, while assisting them in obtaining college scholarship opportunities.

 Click here for the "ODP Pyramid"

The Program:  1997 – 2000 Age Groups
Scouting: Alabama Soccer Association will institute a scouting system for these age groups, which will be the primary method for identifying players. We believe a player competing in their own environment gives a more accurate assessment of his or her strengths/weaknesses.  Reducing the calendar for these athletes limits overtraining and decreases overuse injuries.

Players can be evaluated primarily in events, such as State League, Region 3 Premier League, National League, State Cup, and Southern Regionals. The scouting staff will consist of ASA, Region 3, and US Soccer personnel. The ASA Technical Director will coordinate and have final approval on invitations to the ASA State Pool.

It should be noted that Club DOC’s can also recommend in writing players to be evaluated. This enhances the relationship between club and ODP, allowing clubs to participate and make the program meaningful for all parties involved.

IdentificationBelow are the following ways players will be identified and invited to the program 

1.      State team members from the previous season will automatically be invited

2.      The players who have been identified through the scouting system

3.      Combine – There will be an open trial (late fall) for any player that was potentially overlooked in the process 

The above groups will comprise a squad of players called the ‘State Pool’. The State Pool phase will take place in the winter. This phase will consist of approximately 4 training opportunities. 

Selection: After the winter training sessions/events, 22 players (18 players and 4 alternates) will be selected in each age group to represent the ‘State Team’.  The state team will continue to train/compete and represent the state of Alabama at Region 3 Camp in July.

2001 Age Group: 

Alabama Soccer Association offers a format to our youngest age group, which will expose our players to the program and staff.  We hold a tournament, open to any 2001s. 02s may be eligible, based on recommendations from the club’s DOC. The tournament is a weekend event held in December, where players are placed on ‘teams’ and participate in games. Each ‘team’ has a district staff coach which manages the group throughout the weekend. State Staff will observe and evaluate players, gaining input from the district staff as well.

 It is at the tournament where we select the top players to form a ‘State Team’ in each gender and represent Alabama.  The State team will continue to train/compete and represent the state of Alabama at Region 3 Camp in July.  The state reserves the right to add or release players at any time.  




Who is eligible for ODP? The following age groups are eligible for the 2013-2014 ODP Season: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2001.

Why are ODP age divisions different from clubs? ODP uses pure calendar years (birth years) to determine age groups.  Example:  a player is born in the year 1999; they are a ’99 ODP player.  The ODP is a feeder system into the National Youth Teams. Hence, it has to be in line with the international age classification. National Teams must abide with FIFA's (the international governing body for soccer) age classification, which follows the calendar year. An ODP age group therefore goes from January 1st to December 31st, while the American youth clubs use August 1st to July 31st.

What if my son/daughter is a 2002 birth year? On occasion, we will bring 2002’s up to the 2001 group. We ask for a letter of recommendation from the club coach and club DOC. Upon approval from the State Director of Coaching, a letter of invitation will be sent.

How are players selected? See Overview.

How do I get scouted to be identified for Alabama ODP (1997-2000)? Alabama Soccer Association utilizes a scouting system in which players are identified in a natural game playing environment for identification. The process starts with a player recommendation from the club Director of Coaching, club coach, and/or opposing club coach. Players will be evaluated in the fall, primarily in league play (State, Regional) and State Cup competitions.  

How many players are named to the State Team? For each age group; typically, one team of 18 is named plus alternates.

Can a player be added to the Program during the year? An elite player may be added, in the following cases:

A player moving into Alabama mid-season.

An injury preventing him/her in participating during the pool phase.

A player identified by State, Regional, National Staff. The State Director of Coaching along with State Staff in that particular age group will have final approval.

The State Director of Coaching reserves the right to add or release players at any time.

How does the Registration Process work?  Enrollment can be done online with ODP.  Go to our website www.alsoccer.org and under ODP click on the "ODP Registration" tab.  On this page you will find information on events and a link to begin the registration process, one for BOYS and one for GIRLS. The one-time enrollment fee is $30.00, which includes the opportunity to participate and 2 Alabama ODP training shirts. Please note: If you were in the program last year, you will still need to register (enroll) your son/daughter for the new year. 

*97-00 players will ONLY register if they receive an invitation.

What happens after I enroll my son/daughter for ODP? After enrolling your son/daughter, it is important that you register for each Training Session or Event that your son/daughter is eligible for. You may use your account to register and pay for each event.

How do we know if a Training Session/Event has been cancelled? We do our best to communicate cancellation information as early as possible. When a cancellation does occur this information will be on our website under the main ODP page, http://www.alsoccer.org/odp/ and/or emailed.

How is the program paid for? ODP is self-supporting. All expenses (event/training/camp fees, travel), are paid by the players involved. Costs are determined by facilities, hotels, coach fees, entry fees, and other projected items necessary for the upkeep of the program.

Is there any type of financial aid/scholarships available? There are a limited number of scholarships available, most are partial scholarships.  Scholarships are given on a financial need only basis.  The application form is available on Alabama Soccer Association’s website, under ODP heading – ODP Forms. 


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