FSL Adult Volunteer-Background Check
Updated 8/28/2014

FSL Adult Volunteer- Background Check Authorization and Liability Release
    Alabama Soccer Association, (ASA) and its affiliates have a great deal of concern about the safety of children. As a parent and/or person interested in the well being of children, we believe you are entitled to know how our organization is dealing with this critical issue. In addition, as an applicant for a coach/admin/volunteer with our organization, you need to know the measures we employ to protect children in our care, as well those who apply to be a coach/admin/volunteer. 

All FSL Volunteer Coaching Staff will register with Affinity (ASA).  You will create a new account.  If it tells you that you are already in the system, please email Jacque Boyer, Club Registrar at mobilebayfcregistrar@gmail for your login information.  We realize you may have registered as a coach last year with US Club, however our new insurance carrier is with Alabama Soccer Association(ASA). 
1.    You will choose DIII.  
2.    You will upload your driver’s license where it says upload birth certificate.  You do not need to upload your birth certificate, only your driver’s license.  It needs to be a jpeg, not a pdf.  I would suggest take a picture with your smart phone and email the picture to yourself, save the picture on your computer and when Affinity requests upload driver’s license you will have it on hand.  
3.    Below is the Electronic Legal Agreement you will have to agree to.  Choose no fee to be paid at this time.  Once you have completed your background check, please email Michelle Jenkins, FSL Registrar at fslrec.registrar@gmail.com with your name and what age group you will be coaching.  Thank-you for volunteering your time.  

A. It is the policy of ASA to exclude or deny membership to persons convicted of certain crimes or whose prior history includes sexual misconduct, abuse of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, or conduct that casts serious doubt on an individual’s ability to be entrusted with the supervision, guidance, and care of minor children. 
B. In applying for a coach/admin/volunteer position, I consent to and authorize ASA to perform a criminal background check and I hereby waive any right to assert that such investigation or request constitutes an invasion of my privacy. I further acknowledge that a background check can be performed at anytime without further consent during the time in which I am a coach/admin/volunteer. I recognize that such inquiries are in the interests of all persons involved in ASA activities, and I fully consent to such investigations. 
C. In applying for a coach/admin/volunteer position, the accuracy and completeness of the information that I have furnished is subject to verification. As such I have provided/uploaded a copy of my driver’s license or state ID card and understand that a copy of said image will be securely retained online within my record on the Affinity Sports system. 
D. I, the undersigned, do hereby remise, release and forever discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless any involved background check vendor, ASA, and Affinity Sports, from and against any and all causes of actions, suits, liabilities, costs, debts and sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, and any and all related attorneys’ fees, court costs, and other expenses resulting from the investigation of my background in connection with my application to become a coach/admin/volunteer.


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